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This days by taking the advanced supplements can be good health insurance, over time, technology has improved, and scientists have developed ways to create synthetic vitamins and minerals with molecular structures identical add into those supplements. Helen Foster investigates the healthy issue on behalf of consumers which related to the new formulas with claims of being more natural and containing fewer or no additives, is that beneficial to all of us? From the food state nutrients side, the amount of a specific nutrient in a food can vary from day to day, however supplements must contain the accurate amount on the packing label. ‘THE THEORY IS THAT FOOD STATE NUTRIENTS INCLUDE THESE EXTRA INGREDIENTS’ There are a few ways of making ‘food state ‘supplements. Those trademarked as Food Grown nutrients are made in a process where extra nutrients are added to pulps of foods, for instance, carrots, citrus fruits or baker’s yeast. These extra the cells of the food and encourage them to produce higher than normal levels of nutrients. Another process to make food state supplements is with fermentation. It involved in the formulation of both food state and synthetic supplements. In particular, from the researcher’s perspective, Suzie says that “the amount of a specific nutrients in a food can vary from day to day, but supplements have to contain the same amount as they are mentioned on the label.” There is no clear boundary to say taking food state element will be

Good Health and Wellbeing is Australia’s best loved and most respected health magazine. From different health perspectives, it generates latest news on medical advances, fitness, nutrition and alternative therapies. Providing professional advice to empower readers to enjoy a long and healthy life. Dr. Nature’s Oyster Kangaroo Essence (OK) supplement are proud to be recognized as the first men’s supplement to combine three powerful ingredients together. Page.9 Powerful Boost-Look To Dr. Nature for Energy and Immunity for Men Importantly, Dr. Nature’s OK supplement consists in oyster and kangaroo extracts, and zinc, especially it contains in all 59 of the trace elements needed by the body as well as vitamins, amino acids, taurine, Omega-3 and six fish oils. The unique formula benefits to support immunity, energy and normal testosterone levels in men. Page.115 Talking Shop (The choice of the best Buys in store for this month) Dr. Nature’s Oyster Kangaroo Essence (OK) supplement was highly recommend as the product can help with sexual function, overall energy, athletic performance and muscle development.

Dr. Nature brand has taken part in The Wellness Show 2019, and received large attention and interests from consumers, retailers and exporters. The expo is the Australia’s largest Wellness Show. Over 60 leading health and wellness companies participate. Most of the visitors can discover the latest technologies and practitioners who are leading the health and wellbeing revolution. Over thousands of visitors attended this show every year. Dr. Nature displays four of its core products – Brain & Heart Support Premium, 4 IN ONE JOINT, Grape Seed 55000mg and Liver Detox 36000mg. The products of Dr. Nature have attracted many visitors who paid attention to the benefits. 300 gift bags have been given away at the first day of the show. Our sales team are working very hard with passion and patience, giving as much information as they can and answering all enquiries to the best of their knowledge.