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This days by taking the advanced supplements can be good health insurance, over time, technology has improved, and scientists have developed ways to create synthetic vitamins and minerals with molecular structures identical add into those supplements. Helen Foster investigates the healthy issue on behalf of consumers which related to the new formulas with claims of being more natural and containing fewer or no additives, is that beneficial to all of us?

From the food state nutrients side, the amount of a specific nutrient in a food can vary from day to day, however supplements must contain the accurate amount on the packing label.


There are a few ways of making ‘food state ‘supplements. Those trademarked as Food Grown nutrients are made in a process where extra nutrients are added to pulps of foods, for instance, carrots, citrus fruits or baker’s yeast. These extra the cells of the food and encourage them to produce higher than normal levels of nutrients. Another process to make food state supplements is with fermentation. It involved in the formulation of both food state and synthetic supplements.

In particular, from the researcher’s perspective, Suzie says that “the amount of a specific nutrients in a food can vary from day to day, but supplements have to contain the same amount as they are mentioned on the label.” There is no clear boundary to say taking food state element will be more beneficial than the amount of nutrient from supplements.


Dr. Nature Oyster Kangaroo Essence is a new form of food supplement that initially to enrich men’s health and performance. It contains high concentrates of oyster flesh essence(2000 mg) and kangaroo meat essence (20,000 mg) and zinc oxide(8.8 mg). The amount of a specific nutrient in this food supplement including zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the mineral boost of magnesium.
Features and benefits from those three nutrients are generated as following:

• Zinc
Maintain normal testosterone level in blood, supports male fertility and reproductive functions.
• Omega-3 fatty acids
‘Good’ fats, reducing risk of heart disease and stroke. They can aid recovery and increase mobility.
• Magnesium
Regulating muscle and nerve function. Important role to support bone and brain. It helps energy creation, create new proteins, repair DNA and RNA. Helps contact and relax muscles and improving sleep quality.

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