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Our Collaboration With Taobao Global Shopping

Last month from July 15th to July 22nd, Taobao Global Shopping launched its second “Global Buyers’ Festival”, the largest festival for Global Merchants on Taobao.

The event attracted over 30 merchants from Australia and New Zealand and its total transaction volume exceeded RMB 15 million (approximately AUD 3 million).

As a leading brand in Australia’s health care industry, we were given the opportunity to be the main sponsor on behalf of Australia and New Zealand during this festival.

Live Streaming Event at Sydney Fish Market


Dr.Nature’s Brand Image, Dr.Kangaroo

As the mascot of Dr.Nature, Dr.Kangaroo was chosen to join this festival and represent Australia. Dr.Kangaroo was broadcast on live-streaming sessions to promote Australian culture and products, and engaged directly with shoppers.



Dr.Kangaroo was designed into a cartoon and formed an alliance with celebrities and top merchants from across Australia and New Zealand to represent the two countries.

During the Global Buyer’s Festival, Dr.Nature’s Dr.Kangaroo danced to the popular Chinese songs “YES! OK!” and “Sisters Who Make Waves”. These dance sessions attracted a large online audience and happens to be one of the hottest topics of this festival.


Live Streaming Introducing the OK Pill

Dr.Nature’s Live Broadcast Results in RMB 1.5 million Sales

Dr.Nature’s featured product during these live streaming sessions was its Oyster Kangaroo Essence Advanced, a zinc-enriched men’s formula.

As Australia’s first male compound health care product, there was a large-scale purchase boom among both domestic and foreign consumers. Sales exceeded RMB 1.5 million.

The live streaming session featured the product’s raw materials, the manufacturing process, a tour of the the freeze-drying technology used as well as an introduction to Dr.Nature’s Research & Development team.

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