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Australia’s Nutritional Brand, Dr.Nature, Launches Official Tmall Flagship Store

Dr.Nature’s Tmall flagship store officially launched on June 25th 2020 after more than half a year of dedicated preparation. This means Chinese consumers can directly purchase Dr.Nature’s products on Tmall, the largest cross-border e-Commerce platform in China.

As a leading Australian brand in health industry, Dr.Nature has entered thousands of households in China through cross-border e-Commerce. Consumers can experience natural compound ingredients from Australia in a convenient and efficient way. Dr.Nature has over 20 years of professional quality assurance. It has provided high quality Australian natural health supplements with superior technology in the hopes of helping consumers around the world achieve the best quality of life.


Dr.Nature’s Official Tmall Flagship Shop


“Dr.Nature is a brand that has a high reputation and high repurchase rate in Australia. I am delighted to be able to share Dr.Nature’s natural health concept with Chinese consumers,” said Dr. Chitneni Mallikarjun, the head of Research and Development at Dr.Nature.

One of Dr.Nature’s most popular product, the Oyster Kangaroo Essence will also be available for purchase on Tmall. Developed in Australia specifically for men, the supplement combines highly concentrated oyster flesh powder, kangaroo meat powder and zinc, making it the first men’s supplement to combine these three products. This multi-nutritive supplement uses freeze-dry technology, which can preserve over 90% of active nutrients.

Dr.Nature’s Oyster Kangaroo Essence

Dr.Nature’s OK essence has been featured in the Men’s Health magazine for several consecutive months. Not only has it been listed as one of the best supplements for men of 2019, but it has also been recommended by Good Health’s magazine editor-in-chief.

Featured in Good Health magazine March & April 2020


Other products that have been very popular among Australian consumers include the 4 in One Joint and Brain and Heart Support Premium. These have also been sold to Chinese consumers through distributors on Xiaohongshu (“Little Red Book”), a Chinese social media e-Commerce platform that focuses on user-generated content and reviews

Since 2019, Dr.Nature has prepared extensively for products to be available on a wide range of e-Commerce platforms. During the second half of 2020, customers can expect to conveniently purchase Dr.Nature’s products through our Dr.Nature website as well as other online stores and platforms. A range of new products will also be released in the near future.

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