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Quality & Safety

At Dr. Nature we never compromise on quality, and place quality assurance and control as our top priority.

Thank you for placing you and your family’s health and trust in Dr. Nature. When creating our premium health care products, we follow the strict guidelines under the international Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/s) standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Raw Materials Are The Fundamental Start of Quality Here At Dr. Nature

We believe that raw materials are the fundamental start of quality. Dr. Nature cooperates with leading suppliers across the world and only source high-purity, natural materials. We evaluate each and every material for suitability, check their documentation and accreditation and conduct countless rounds of testing in our in-house laboratories to make sure the materials complies with the high standards that we require.

As soon as an ingredient enters our facilities to the time our health care products are shipped out to our customers, we ensure the whole process is monitored and up to strict pharmaceutical standards.