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Our Main Product Range

Our primary product range features our Oyster Kangaroo Essence Advanced, Brain & Heart Support Premium and 4 in ONE Joint, three products formulated to support optimal health and wellbeing through all life stages. In early 2021, we will be releasing two new products into this range: Sleep & Beauty and Immunity & Lung.

Our Oyster Kangaroo Essence Advanced supplement is Australia’s first ever zinc-enriched men’s formula which combines high-purity oyster flesh powder, a mineral boost of zinc and a uniquely formulated powdered muscle extract from kangaroos. It aims to boost men’s endurance, energy and vitality levels.

Our Brain & Heart Support Premium combines powerful ingredients such as natural fish oil, omega-3, lecithin, squalene and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to maintain brain and heart health in adults. It also supports blood circulation to the peripheral areas of the body (legs, hands and feet).

Our 4 in ONE Joint combines four nutrient-rich ingredients to bring relief to symptoms of mild arthritis/osteoarthritis, mild joint inflammation, swelling, aches and pains. This quality joint formula contains glucosamine, green lipped mussel, shark cartilage and chondroitin.

Sleep & Beauty is a nutrient-rich formulation consisting of valeriana officinalis, hydrolysed collagen, zinc, vitamin C and silicon for glowing beauty and healthy sleep patterns.

Through media promotion in both the Australian and Chinese market, Dr.Nature has built a strong brand voice in China. As a result, Australia’s natural compound concept has left a lasting impression in the Chinese market. In 2021, Dr. Nature will release over 10 new products in the health care market.