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Our History

Dr. Nature is one of the brands under Health Sharing Group and boasts a history of over 20 years. What started as a passion for natural health, gradually grew into one of Australia's leading health care brands.

We originated in 1999 with a mission to produce complementary health products based on pharmaceutical standards. Our two supplements, Brain & Heart Support Premium and 4 in ONE Joint have been on the Australian market for over 10 years and loved by local Australians. Over the years, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of over 15 health care products which have been sold across the globe. In 2019, we launched Australia’s first ever zinc-enriched men’s formula which combines high-purity oyster flesh powder, a mineral boost of zinc and a uniquely formulated powdered muscle extract from kangaroos. It aims to boost men’s endurance, energy and vitality levels.

Through media promotion in both the Australian and Chinese market, Dr.Nature has built a strong brand voice in China. As a result, Australia’s natural compound concept has left a lasting impression in the Chinese market. In 2021, Dr. Nature will release over 10 new products in the health care market.