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Dr. Nature Brand Ambassador

In mid-2020, we announced the appointment of Hong Kong martial arts actor Jacky Heung (Xiang Zuo) as our new brand ambassador in Australia and China.

Jacky received Fantasia’s 2020 Cheval Noir Award for Best Actor for his amazing embodiment of a flawed but timeless hero in Johnnie To’s Chasing Dream. He has also starred in Fearless (2006), The Warlords (2007) and Push (2009).

Back in September 2019, Jacky married Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden, and announced their pregnancy in July 2020. On October 2020, Jacky welcomed his baby daughter into the world.

“The brand is strongly connected to nature and family healthcare which I admire, and is constantly creating new effective multi-formula products to elevate their customers’ lifestyles," says Jacky.

We are extremely excited to partner up with such a high-profile celebrity who can represent Dr. Nature across both Australia and China.